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Saskia Hattink

Saskia Hattink has been working as a lawyer in Rotterdam since 1998 and joined Boonk Van Leeuwen on 1 December 2018.

Saskia is mainly concerned with insolvency law. She is appointed trustee on a regular basis, advises companies in financial difficulties and provides assistance in the event of disputes with trustees as well as the prevention of such disputes, for example in the event of alleged director’s liability.

Saskia took three specialist courses at Grotius Academy to deepen and broaden her knowledge of insolvency law: Financing and Security, Insolvency Law (INSOLAD) and Financial Economy for Insolvency Lawyers. In April 2021, she completed the specialisation study on the Dutch scheme (WHOA) at the University of Leiden.

Saskia is a member of the Association of Insolvency Lawyers (INSOLAD) and of the Association of Collection & Litigation Lawyers (VIA).

For information on the bankruptcies dealt with by Saskia, please refer to the public insolvency reports published a